On April 17, 2017, Duke Energy will drastically reduce the current lighting incentives or possibly remove them altogether.

Contact us today to schedule your free lighting energy assessment in order to take advantage of the current higher incentives and ones that could be removed forever.

This is as good as the rebates and incentives are going to get for your energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

Duke Energy and Duke Energy Progress Lighting Retrofit Rebates

In many areas, the rebate amounts are at an all-time high right now and will be reduced or removed in April when Duke Energy and Duke Energy Progress merge their programs.


For Example:

Currently Duke Energy Progress provides up to 75% of the cost to replace existing fluorescent tubes up to $15.00 each. After April 11, 2017, that capped amount will go down to $6.00 each. Panels and fixtures will also go down by 40-50%.

Duke Energy Progress: Energy Efficiency for Business (EEB) Incentive Program:

Like-for-like tube replacements, new fixtures, and retrofit kits are now given a prescriptive designation for rebates, which mean they have a set rebate amount per fixture that can reduce your project by up to 65%. These generous amounts are not going to last long! Other fixtures included in the prescriptive program are high bay lighting and external lighting, which includes wall packs, pole lights, canopy lights, and flood lights. See more here.

Custom rebates require a pre-application process before work begins, making it quite different from the prescriptive rebates but they can be just as lucrative. Many forgo these rebates due to the stringent paperwork involved or the misunderstanding of the qualifications. GreenTech takes out the guess work and provides full assistance with this process!

Not a Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progress customer?

You may not be aware that the same caveats apply to you too! Currently many electric co-ops are providing a rebate program for your lighting upgrade. GreenTech can help you determine your eligibility for rebates and the value it can bring to your lighting upgrade. Those programs can either improve or go away. Co-ops are historically not very consistent concerning rebates.



The REAP Grant (Rural Energy for Americas Program) will still be in effect for 2017, however, when it does go away, it will be without warning, so get in on it while you can. There are only two times a year which your business can apply for the REAP grant, and GreenTech can guide you through the process. Companies that qualify have a high success rate of approval for their projects. Contact us today to find out if your company qualifies for a 25% grant to cover your energy efficiency upgrade strategies.

GreenTech is a turn-key business and we assess and analyze the needs of your business. As a value-added service, GreenTech will determine if your retrofit falls under the various guidelines and will fill out and submit all the necessary paperwork to ensure your company fully leverages available rebates and incentives. We custom design your lighting upgrade as part of our service and are always on hand to answer any questions that arise before, during, and after the lighting upgrade. Contact your GreenTech representative to learn more about the many benefits of investing in a lighting upgrade.

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