Headquartered in Graham, NC, Acucote Inc. is a trusted supplier of custom, specialty, high-value, and unique pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions since 1987. Acucote has made innovation, customization, and customer-involved product development its core business.

Acucote also takes pride in being as environmentally responsible as possible and ensuring sustainable practices in every area of their operations. The company continues to make strides toward offsetting adverse effects on the environment by reducing its ecological footprint. Through careful selection of adhesives, extensive recycling efforts and other environmental programs, Acucote has dramatically reduced their impact on solid waste, water, and energy resources.

When the company was looking to upgrade their current lighting, they sought out the help of GreenTech to retrofit the existing outdated lighting throughout the administrative, manufacturing, and shipping areas with energy efficient LED lighting. The upgrade greatly improved the working conditions in those areas while reducing the overall energy costs by utilizing a combination of LED highbays, task and panel lights. External lighting conditions were also improved with new LED wallpacks and flood lights. Occupancy sensors and dimmers were installed to further increase energy efficiency and bring about a 67 percent reduction in Acucote’s lighting energy consumption in its 80,000 square-foot facility.

GreenTech worked closely with Acucote to provide recommendations on solutions vital to productions thus eliminating all T12 fluorescents and outdated metal halide highbays. This resulted in more efficient lighting throughout the manufacturing areas, administrative offices, and the shipping annex. The retrofit delivers a 664,946 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage and $66,494 in annual operational cost savings. The LED lighting upgrade also brings a 469,328 kg decrease in greenhouse gases produced, which is the equivalent of 52,811 gallons of gasoline consumed or 99 fewer cars on the road.

The financial benefits were the following:

  • 67% reduction in annual lighting energy usage and costs
  • 7-month payback period
  • 664,946 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • $66,494 in annual operational cost savings
  • 70% cost savings in rebates and incentives

GreenTech secured more than $100,000 in incentives for Acucote, including Duke Energy rebates and a $38,000 REAP grant from the USDA. These incentives subsidized more than 70 percent of the entire lighting project. In all, GreenTech’s energy efficient lighting package will increase productivity, reduce operating expenses, and provide for better safety and security while providing a payback of only 7 months.

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