Starting as a small town weekly newspaper in the 1940s, Atlantic Packaging blossomed and expanded over the decades into providing distribution and packaging services to their customers in over 12 different industries. Atlantic needed a solution to help lower energy usage and costs due to the outdated lighting technology at their warehouse and offices in Wilmington, NC.

Upgrading outdated lighting technology with energy-efficient lamps, ballasts, and lighting controls, makes great strides toward offsetting adverse effects on the environment by reducing an organization’s ecological footprint. When the amount of energy a company consumes is reduced, the amount of pollutants produced from traditional energy sources is inherently reduced. With the rising alert to global climate change, every action to reduce emissions at this critical time helps tremendously, both environmentally and financially. With Atlantic realizing a 63 percent reduction in energy usage, the release of 134 tons of carbon dioxide has been avoided, measurable to taking 33 cars off the road.

“GreenTech was very accommodating throughout the complete lighting upgrade process. They made sure we were completely satisfied with the outcome. They also did everything possible to make sure it was a successful project.” – Dave Robertson

By implementing GreenTech Solutions Group’s recommendations — replacing outdated T12s with efficient T5 tubes, adding occupancy sensors, and converting all metal halides to induction technology —  an impressive two-year payback has been achieved, saving more than $13,000 annually in energy costs. Additionally, utility rebates helped offset the project cost by one-third. As a result of the lighting upfit Atlantic Packaging has effectively reduced their energy consumption, environmental footprint, and financial outlay.

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