Church of the Servant looked to GreenTech Solutions Group to provide a solution to enhance the lighting in its sanctuary that was comprised of a mixed bag of various halogen lamps with varying wattages. The lighting was very inconsistent and costly to replace because of the high distance from the floor. The pendants used 300w halogen lamps to provide enough light in the area, which created a considerable energy cost. The offices and nursery carried legacy T12 lamps that were difficult to source due to limited inventories of the dated technology.

GreenTech sourced LED products that carried enough lumen output to that of the high wattage halogens in the sanctuary while still maintaining the same warm color temperatures. The lighting design was configured to optimize the LEDs to create a spectacular layout with balanced lighting with minimal glare. For the offices and nursery, the T12s were replaced with energy-efficient T8 LED tubes, resulting in reduced energy consumption and improved environmental surroundings.

GreenTech helped the church take advantage of generous energy rebates and incentive to help finance the lighting upgrade. The Church of the Servant experienced an impressive 79% reduction in annual lighting energy usage. In addition, GreenTech donated all the labor involved in the lighting upgrade. The labor donation combined with the energy incentives gave the church a quick 1.9 year payback on its lighting investment.

The Church of the Servant was thrilled with the updated look and feel the lighting upgrade had on its house of worship. Church leaders were also pleased with the reduced energy consumption and was felt it was important that the church be good environmental stewards of the earth. They were also grateful to the people at GreenTech for the their guidance and donation to help facilitate the cost-saving upgrade.

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