CRC Logistics LLC: $32,717 Annual Savings for Fast Paced Cutting Edge Supply-chain company


CRC Logistics, LLC had an initiative to reduce energy usage and its carbon footprint throughtout its Battleboro, NC warehouses. Their warehouses were equipped with outdated fluorescent and HID lighting, which were inefficient and needed to be replaced often. GreenTech Solutions Group offered a turn-key package that was exactly what the management at CRC Logistics was seeking.

CRC Logistics provides supply chain management and logistics solutions that drive efficiency, generate cost savings, and stimulate sustainable growth. They combine cutting-edge technology with their extensive network of transportation, warehousing, and global forwarding services to streamline logistics operations. When dealing with such critical supply-chain infrastructure, it was imperative GreenTech conduct the LED lighting upgrade without disrupting warehouse work flow.


GreenTech carefully assessed the needs and energy usage of the company and provided solutions vital to warehouse operations. The LED lighting upgrade involved energy-efficient lamps and lighting controls that significantly improved the light levels over the previous, out dated system.

The LED upgrade for CRC Logistics required retrofitting many fluorescent 8 foot tube light fixtures with energy-efficient LED retrofit kits.  Legacy metal halide fixtures were replaced with LED high and low bays. Occupancy sensors were also placed in lightly trafficked areas, further increasing energy efficiency and cost savings.  GreenTech engineers designed the new lighting system to coincide with the existing operational layout to maximize light distribution where needed.


The warehouse LED lighting upgrade resulted in a dramatic 88% reduction in annual lighting energy usage, which will save CRC Logistics $32,717 per year. The total cost of retrofitting was reduced by 50% by applying for $60, 672 in Dominion Energy rebates. GreenTech rebate specialist provided pre-installation and post installation rebate applications.

The LED lighting retrofit resulted in a significant 408,971 kWH reduction in annual lighting energy usage. Lighting quality dramatically improved with the new LED fixtures, resulting in 3x higher foot-candle output while increasing employee safety and productivity.

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