Glad Tidings Church, located in Morehead City, NC, looked to GreenTech Solutions Group to upgrade the lighting in the church’s sanctuary. The sanctuary is used eight hours weekly for services, plus it is also used for weddings, funerals, plays, and rehearsals. Since the room is heavily utilized by the congregation, the upgrade resulted in a 92% reduction in lighting energy annually.

The lighting upgrade involved replacing all current halogen and incandescent lights with new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures throughout the sanctuary. Not only with the church experience 92% in lighting energy savings, but the longevity of the LED technology will virtually eliminate the need to service the lights. An immediate incentive of $1,100 helped finance the project.

  • 92% reduction in annual lighting energy
  • 17,381 kWh annual savings
  • 92% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 100% reduction in maintenance

Due to the lighting retrofit, the church will now see a 17,381 kWh in annual savings and a 92% reduction in CO2 emissions. That is the equivalent of 28.3 barrels of oil consumed.

The Glad Tidings Church will continue to save substantially on its lighting energy. It will experience a savings of $41,837 over the next 20 years, proving no energy upgrade is too small to save money.

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