Interroll, a company focused on manufacturing energy efficient drives, rollers, and conveyor modules, decided to upgrade the lighting in their factory to help reduce energy consumption. They soon realized that they were able to take this approach further by focusing on upgrading their high wattage parking lot and perimeter lighting while improving the look and safety of their facility. The problem was most of the LED applications they have looked at previously were not only very costly, but couldn’t provide an equivalent lumen output to match their 1000W pole lights.

GreenTech Solutions Group then approached Interroll with technology that has just recently hit the market in the past year as LEDs have become more powerful and more effective for high wattage applications. GreenTech recommended they upgrade their 1000W pole lights with 300W parking lot fixtures, an immediate 70% savings. These fixtures not only saved them energy, it also provided a higher light output with better visual acuity. GreenTech also upgraded the perimeter recessed can lighting, wallpacks, and sign lighting to LED technology to provide consistent color quality and provide additional savings. The financial results were very impressive with a 2.3 year payback period with annual savings at more than $9,000.00 per year.

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