With their commitment to sustainability, Multi Packaging Solutions succeeds in layering green features in their products, purchasing green energy credits and renewable energy credits for their sustainable energy profile, as well as practicing LEAN manufacturing programs. In furthering their sustainability efforts, MPS looked to increase their energy efficiency in their Raleigh manufacturing buildings.

“GreenTech worked diligently to provide a solution that addressed the difficulties that our complex layout presented. They not only improved our lighting quality, but were able to work within our budget constraints to deliver what no other company could offer. We are happy with the quality of their workmanship and would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a lighting solution for their business.” – Dean Robinson, plant manager

GreenTech recommended a combination of LED highbays and tubes, induction lighting, and occupancy sensors to replace outdated and inefficient T12 fluorescence and metal halide technology, taking advantage of retrofitting existing fixtures wherever possible to reduce cost. Multi Packaging was able offset their upgrade costs by 35% thanks to the realized rebates received by Duke Progress Energy. Upon completion of the project, GreenTech recommended that MPS look into the Section 179D tax incentive to take a full tax deduction of $0.60/sqft since their energy cost was reduced by more than 25% compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2001 baseline. Through the achievement of such impressive energy savings, the use of the 179D tax deduction, and the rebate assistance of the Duke Progress Energy Efficiency for Business Program, Multi Packaging experienced a swift 1.5 year payback!  

Update: GreenTech provided a follow up interview with the plant manager recently to ensure satisfaction.  It was determined that the light output has remained stable with both LED and Induction fixtures providing the same foot-candles as the day they were installed. Since the installation of their lighting upgrade in 2014, MPS has experienced a phenomenally low failure rate of less than one percent!

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