The Raleigh Building

The Raleigh Building was looking for a lighting solution to help them manage their high energy consumption but more importantly, consistent lighting with proper visual performance to help attract and retain tenants. The historical 11 story building was characterized by numerous technology including T8 and T12 fixtures in 4ft and 2ft configurations. Lenses were cracked or dirty and lamps were missing or burnt out in various areas. The management was also spending excessive money in replacing fixtures on a one off basis and trying to keep lighting specifications consistent throughout the facility.

“We had a great experience working with Greentech. Their exceptional level of knowledge and expertise of creating a solution for our building with was matched with their professional installation of our lighting system. The best team we’ve ever contracted to perform work at our facility.” – Justin Lewis

GreenTech provided an assessment for the building to help determine the optimal scenario for their building. To stay in line with budget constraints we recommended our exclusive T5 conversion kit in the offices and we offered our indirect/direct recessed retrofit kits to enhance the aesthetics in the common areas. The retrofit resulted in a 62% reduction in energy with a 3 year payback. Office lighting was uniform and maintenance costs were virtually eliminated.



By 2020, Bosch Packaging Services, a worldwide supplier of process and packaging technology, aims to reduce their CO2 emissions and improve their energy efficiency both by 20 percent compared to 2007 numbers. In these efforts, T12 fluorescent tubes and ballasts were eliminated in their offices as well as magnetic metal halide technology in their warehouse located in Raleigh, NC. Both areas were characterized by poor color and low visibility.

GreenTech Solutions Group recommended converting their power intensive T12’s to energy efficient T5’s.  This retrofit to T5’s reduced their wattage output from 144 to 58 watts, resulting in a remarkable 60% decrease in their office energy usage.  A combination of replacing metal halides with reflective T5HO highbays and the utilization of occupancy sensors in the Bosch warehouse lead to an astounding energy reduction of 70%.

Improved working environment and proper visual acuity were experienced by Bosch in both their warehouse and office spaces as an outcome of the improvements.  As an added bonus, they were also able to improve their sustainability image within the community.