Wayne County Alcohol Beverage Commission

The headquarters for the Wayne County ABC were faced with many issues regarding high operational costs due to operating T12’s in their offices as well as many of their remote locations. They were constantly looking for ways to reduce their operational costs through frequent visits from the electrician to perform one-off ballast and lamp replacement as high rates. The stores image was also starting to be affected as the T12’s were getting harder and harder to source since they were banned from manufacturing in July of 2012.

Greentech was able to help alleviate the frequent visits from the electrician while reducing their cost of operation. We installed our exclusive T5 conversion kits in the headquarters and started a plan to help not only the headquarters, but their remote sites become more efficient by installing the system at the Mount Olive, LeGrange, and Goldsboro locations. The result was improved lighting performance, 65% in energy savings, and a 1.5 year return on investment.

USS Battleship North Carolina

The USS Battleship NC called upon GreenTech to follow through with a study performed by NC State University who performed an energy audit to determine areas of efficiency for the ship store and museum. The store was equipped with T12 fixtures exhibiting various colors and the museum with mixed wattage track lights.

For the Battleship, Greentech donated their time and labor by installing T5 conversion kits in the recessed troffers and cove lights and equipped the museum with new LED track lighting to improve visual consistency. The result was a dramatic reduction in energy and an updated look for visitors to the store and museum. They experienced an average of 65% reduction in energy savings with a 1.2 year payback on the entire project.