At GreenTech Solutions Group, we custom tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client business. Our thorough process enables us to target fast ROI for our customers from minimized capital investment, which has garnered us numerous long-term relationships and abundant repeat business. Download a Sample Lighting Assessment, or read a step-by-step description of our energy-efficiency optimization process.
1. Detailed Assessment
Because each of our customers have unique needs, goals, and challenges, it is crucial to begin all projects with the careful consideration of every facet of the client’s industry, operations, processes, goals, budget, and more.
2. Analysis and Project Selection
We utilize powerful software tools and our vast experience to analyze the relevant parameters, producing financial reports which help clients understand their current situation, show their opportunities for improvement, and prioritize their efficiency projects for optimized investing. We also make use of incentives and rebates from utility companies and available local and federal governments to help our clients finance these initiatives.
3. Development of Action Plan
Once we have helped the client choose the most advantageous and cost-effective energy reduction project—often starting with a lighting system overhaul—we turn to creating a detailed action plan. Applying the knowledge we have gained over many years in the industry with dozens of successfully-completed projects, we develop an effective plan designed to reach the client’s goals.
4. Sourcing Products
At GreenTech, we have direct access to an extensive supply of products, and equipment, enabling us to cut out the middle men and offer aggressive pricing to our clients. We are often able to procure all of the products needed to complete the upfit with significant discounts over other suppliers.
5. Overseeing Installation
Our full-service capabilities include expert management of internal staff, subcontractors, and workflow to ensure our installation projects are completed effectively and with minimal impact on our clients’ normal operations.
6. Project Closeout
We maintain close communication with clients after their energy-efficiency upfit projects are complete to confirm proper functioning and assess their ongoing energy savings. At GreenTech, we are not only committed to providing the best service throughout the project process, but we are committed to being environmentally friendly by disposing of all waste material though recycling and compliant processing services.
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