Glenn Edmonds

Glenn Edmonds is a native of North Carolina. With his strong entrepreneurial drive and background in automotive aftermarket/motorsports industry he launch his own business in 1991. Over the next 12+ years he successively expanded his operations into a number of business segments including retail and wholesale operations, new product development and manufacturing with international distribution throughout the U.S and into Europe and Asia.

Along with his interest in the automotive industry he also gained a strong interest in alternative energy and power systems which lead him to the Advanced Vehicle Research Center. In 2005 he joined the management team and served as a Program Manager to oversee automotive research programs funded by federal grants through DOE, DOD and DRAPA. The main focus of his work was within emerging technologies in alternative fuels, EV/PHEV systems and battery technologies/systems. These projects allowed great exposure working with many Universities, new start-ups and key groups such as, Lotus Engineering, General Motors, Ford, Eaton and many others. Additionally he was responsible for establishing new technology partnerships with the AVRC as well as assisting in developing commercialization strategies for new emerging technologies.

Over the next few years Glenn enjoyed his success with AVRC and his exposure to other areas within the energy industry. While the main focus with his work was within the automotive sector, his work did branch over to included stationery power systems used in solar and wind industry, power control systems and new options with commercial/industrial lighting products.

With working with the development and commercialization of new lighting products using LED and Induction technologies he gained a deeper interest in facility efficiency. Learning more of the impressive ability to reduce energy consumption in commercial and industry applications aswell as recognizing the growing interest of companies to improve and lower their energy consumption he left AVRC to develop a company that could offer a suite of services and solutions in the area of energy efficiency, alternative energy, and transportation. From his vision, GreenTech Solutions Group was formed. The company has achieved many milestones since its conception and is rapidly expanding its internal resources and capabilities to provide its clients with the latest options and solutions.

Due that the path to energy efficiency can take years for a company to achieve. He is strong believer of building lasting relationships and trust with clients, not just a onetime customer. He stands behind his company and team, assuring detailed attention is applied to all work provided to create a more efficient work environment for its clients.

Scott Jernigan

Scott Jernigan is a North Carolina native that grew up in Durham, NC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. He received his Batchelor’s degree in Business Management at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1995. He started his own business Advanced Polymer Concepts Inc. as the exclusive distributor of polymer coatings and gaskets for K&L Technologies. While cultivating his interest in polymers, he worked as the Major Account Manager at Milner Inc. establishing relationships throughout the southeast helping organizations apply document security and management solutions. More recently, Scott has ventured into various forms of alternative energy consulting with primary interests in waste reduction though biomass gasification and gray water separation systems.

Today he serves as the Vice President of Business Development at Greentech. Scott works closely with all team members to create local, regional and national marketing efforts while managing customer relationships and future partnerships. He identifies best energy practices for organizations by helping monitor and control energy consumption. He consistently seeks new technologies brought to market through Greentech service channels and leads efforts to generate new business directions that compliments the overall goals of the company.

Wes Evans

Wes Evans serves as the Director of Financial Services for GreenTech Solutions Group. Wes utilizes his Finance background and experience as Owner/Consultant of Evergreen Consulting Services and Associate for Cost Segregation Services, Inc., to advise commercial building owners how to accelerate depreciation and take advantage of tax credits to achieve an immediate tax savings of 7% -10% of the building’s value. His areas of specialization include efficiency in green building design, construction, financing and operations.

Prior to joining GreenTech, Wes founded Evergreen Consulting Services after retiring from Herman Miller, Inc. with 23 years of service in Marketing, Distribution, Ecommerce and Environmental Business Development. He has served as team leader on project teams for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, EPA Air Quality Research RTP Headquarters Campus, Duke University & Health System E-Procurement & Standardization Initiative, Sara Lee Branded Apparel Headquarters, Lowes Home Improvement Headquarters, Krispy Kreme Headquarters & Clemson University Classroom Redesign projects. Wes has a passion for protecting our environment and was one of the first LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Purchasing Accredited Professionals in the country. He has spent countless volunteer hours promoting sustainable development in many communities across the US, has served on the Board of The Green Standard, two US Green Building Council Chapters and the Advisory Council of the International Green Energy Council. Wes graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with a B.B.A in Finance.

Kraig Marquis

Originally from Maine, Kraig graduated from Cornell University before attending graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill where he earned a MS degree in Environmental Science and Engineering. After graduating from UNC, he worked as an Environmental consultant for TetraTech, providing technical and research support for water quality protection and watershed management projects at the municipal, state, and federal levels. His responsibilities included the design of water quality monitoring programs, interpreting field and laboratory data, designing environmental models, and developing environmental protection strategies. Kraig later worked at AI Environmental where he traveled nationally and internationally promoting “green” development principles and helping to design and manage environmentally friendly projects, including master planned residential communities, golf courses, and a marina. At AI, Kraig performed a variety of environmental consulting services, including site plan development, engineering design review, construction oversight, and development of environmental management and monitoring plans.

In addition to his role as Partner Relation Manager, Kraig assists in the project management activities and coordination of resources. He works closely with all team members to recognize new potential partners and technologies that could be brought to market through GreenTech’s service channels and assists efforts to generate new business directions that compliments the overall goals of the company.