Our energy management solutions are focused on saving energy in commercial and industrial businesses, reducing energy costs for our clients without compromising work processes. We help manage our clients energy consumption through modernizing lighting, HVAC, machinery, and water systems while deploying cutting-edge, computer-based control systems to monitor and control these systems. Installing modern equipment and computerized control systems often results in substantial energy cost saving for our clients, enabling them to enjoy a beneficial return on investment.

Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems (BAS) consist of efficient hardware and specialized software which are integrated and designed to dramatically reduce energy costs through intelligent management. Some examples of building systems which can be automated include lighting, HVAC, access control, and security systems. Recent improvements in wireless technology have made such systems far simpler to install, reducing the challenges inherent with running cabling throughout facilities to connect various system components.

At GreenTech, we stay current with BAS industry trends to ensure we provide our clients with the most optimal building automation systems available. We make careful assessments of our clients’ facilities to determine the viability of various BAS systems and whether or not they are financially viable and practical. GreenTech and our partners will deliver maximum value for our clients through custom-tailored solutions which are optimized to the unique environments of their various facilities.

Power Conditioning Systems

There are a range of factors in electrical networks which can negatively affect the longevity and overall efficiency of electrical equipment and machinery. With a customized power controller system from GreenTech and our partners, our clients gain control over 16 power factors for optimized power network protection, reduced electric bills, and valuable electrical system data.

With the virtual elimination of “dirty power” in commercial and industrial facilities, machinery runs more efficiently and lasts longer, reducing downtime and keeping operations on schedule. The resulting cost savings in reduced power consumption, downtime, maintenance, and equipment replacements, our clients often enjoy a payback period of less than 2 years with significant savings well into the future.

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