With rising water prices and increasing strain on our water resources worldwide, water management is about more than controlling costs: it is important for our future. GreenTech and our partners work with clients to help develop alternative water sources, reduce waste, recycle water, and ultimately lower demand on our freshwater resources.

Alternative Water Sources

There are a variety of ways for commercial and industrial facilities to develop alternative water sources, diversifying supply and reducing dependence on municipal freshwater resources. Examples of alternative water sources include:

  • Saltwater and Brackish Water
  • Water Reuse Methods
  • Captured Surface Water
  • Stormwater

Capturing and reusing water from these alternative sources can help our clients reduce water consumption by 30 to 50%, which delivers fast return on investment—generally less than four years—and lowers demand for outside sources of water.

Reducing Consumption and Waste

At the commercial and industrial levels, dated machinery, leaks, and wasteful processes waste a huge amount of water worldwide every year. We use specialized sensor equipment, software, and our expertise to identify opportunities for our clients to use water more efficiently and lower waste, leading to dramatic cost savings and lower consumption.

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