Many production facilities throughout the nation are using outdated machinery, which may have been designed at a time when energy efficiency was not a concern. Now, with rising energy costs, these old electric motors, hydraulic systems, air compressors, and more are costing more and more to run.

That’s where GreenTech comes in: we specialize in helping our clients identify opportunities to update and improve their mechanical systems to enhance efficiency, save money, and help reduce energy consumption. We also deliver software interface solutions which are specifically designed to help optimize process flow and maximize profits for our clients.

How Our Equipment Optimization Process Works

We begin our mechanical equipment optimization process by assessing our clients’ facilities and installing state-of-the-art sensing equipment to gather real-time information about various machines’ energy consumption. Then, we use specialized software to help us interpret this data, highlighting areas of inefficiency and other mechanical and process deficiencies. Finally, we are able to make recommendations to our clients based on our findings which will result cost-effective machine optimization, mechanical improvement, and better processes.

The Benefits of Machine Optimization from GreenTech

With mechanical systems and machine optimization from GreenTech, our clients are able to:

  • Optimize Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Measure and Quantify Baseline Operating Conditions
  • Process and Analyze System Data
  • Design and Implement New Energy and Resource-Efficient Systems
  • Improve Efficiency and Reliability
  • Eliminate Process Gaps
  • Optimize Logistic Operations
  • Reduce Energy and Resource Consumption
  • Limit Waste and Carbon Footprint
  • Minimize Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Achieve Attractive Return on Investments
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