What to Expect from Your LED Lighting Upgrade Assessment

We’re thrilled that you’ve selected GreenTech Solutions for your LED lighting upgrade project! In order to learn a little more about us and to help you better prepare for your upcoming assessment, we’ve outlined our 4-step process below.

Our 4-Step Assessment Process  

  1. Set Appointment
  2. Letter of Introduction
  3. Site Assessment
  4. Analysis and Overview of Assessment with Action Plan 

1. Set Appointment

Your first contact with us will be through one of our friendly reps. We like to ask you a few questions over the phone to make sure we understand your business needs. We also take this opportunity to share how we can save you money, increase the efficiency of your operations, and make your facility environment a more enjoyable atmosphere for the people who work there. 

We set your assessment appointment during this phone call. 

We work diligently to accommodate for difficult and changing schedules. Our goal is to have our representative in your facility within 5-10 days of the initial phone call. 

2. Letter of Introduction

After your assessment is scheduled, we follow up with an email letter of introduction. This allows us to share even more about our company and our process. 

  • We highlight our company vision, goals, and our promise to you—our customer!
  • We show you how we work to save you money on energy costs and maintenance, highlighting some of our financial incentive programs and features. 
  • We provide a quick overview of the services we offer.
  • We reassure you of how we take ownership over the entire process and make it a smooth and seamless transition for you. 
  • We highlight our past projects so we can see how we’ve helped others just like you.

3. Site Assessment

On the day of your assessment, your lighting expert will arrive on site at the scheduled time of your appointment. We’ll walk with you through your facility to gather information, ask questions and assess your current equipment and infrastructure. 

Our rep will thank you for your time and follow up with a detailed analysis and action plan. 

4. Analysis and Overview of Assessment with Action Plan 

After meeting, your representative will write up a detailed analysis of your facility operations, LED lighting upgrade equipment needs, supporting maintenance services, line-item cost, and graphic charts showing how much everything will cost and exactly how much money you will save on the initial installation as well as savings in monthly service and operations fees. 

Your Action Plan will include a complete, detailed breakdown of every step of the installation and implementation process with a timeline to completion. 

At any time during the 4-step process, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns. 

If you still have some unanswered questions, or if you’d like to go ahead and schedule your site assessment, contact us at GreenTech solutions and we’d be happy to assist you! 

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