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miscledsGreenTech Solutions Group provides a comprehensive range of proven solutions which are focused on commercial and industrial energy efficiency. Our services are designed not only to improve the environment, but to help companies become more efficient and ultimately save money. We specialize in empowering clients to take the next step toward sustainability while delivering tangible ROI.

We maintain a network of industry experts and energy-efficient equipment suppliers, enabling us to apply cutting-edge technologies that reduce energy expenses while improving your work environment. From the latest lighting technologies to energy management, alternative energy production, efficient mechanical improvements, water retention and treatment systems, transportation services, and more, you can rely on our affordable solutions and excellent service to decrease your company’s energy consumption, creating a path to sustainability.

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At GreenTech Solutions Group, our energy efficiency solutions bring about real cost savings for businesses of all sizes and in an array of industries. Check out the case studies below to see how our clients have benefited from our services.

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After performing a comprehensive review of your facility’s current systems and energy consumption, we present a range of options for energy efficiency improvements, including cost/benefit analyses, ROI assessments, and opportunities for government incentives, rebates, and other financial options. GreenTech is vendor neutral, meaning we only recommend the best and most cost-effective equipment and fixtures to meet your particular needs without ties to one specific manufacturer. This allows us to offer the latest in technological breakthroughs with products representing an affordable initial investment and delivering a quick payback period.

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