Eagle USA LED Lighting Upgrade: Saves 70% in Annual Operational Costs, Helps Boost Productivity

The Challenge

Eagle USA is proudly an American manufacturer. The company brings high-quality, American-made sportswear to athletes and teams across the U.S. William Lucas, plant manager of Eagle’s Middlesex, NC plant was looking for ways to improve lighting conditions while saving energy and turned to GreenTech Solutions Group for the best options.

A proud supporter of American manufacturing and industry, Eagle USA exhibits an unbridled passion for local commerce at a time when most other apparel companies are going global, outsourcing and moving production offshore in efforts to increase their bottom line. The company employs 300 of the industry’s best workers in its North Carolina factory.

The desire to give its employees a brighter, safer place to work was part of the reason behind the LED lighting upgrade. Eagle USA takes pride in delivering an exceptional product, so the LED upgrade was integral in its goal to give its customers well-made, high-quality American apparel.

The lighting upgrade also spoke to Eagle USA’s desire to be more socially responsible and eco-friendly as a company.

The Solution

GreenTech assessed the needs of the facility, which is responsible for sewing and private label shipping, and made recommendations accordingly. The main factory, inspection area, and sewing room contained outdated 8-foot T12 fixtures were in dire need of upgrading. GreenTech retrofitted the entire space with energy-efficient LED fixtures.

The upgrade greatly improved the lighting which increased productivity and allowed employees to better inspect the workmanship and quality of the delivered product. The brighter lighting has cooler temperatures, which makes it more comfortable for employees working in the factory.

“It’s the dedication to employee satisfaction and proper working conditions that led to Eagle USA’s commitment to their lighting upgrade, in turn providing their customers with a superior product,” said GreenTech VP of Business Development Scott Jernigan. “We are proud to support a company that values its employees and takes such pride in keeping jobs here, not only in the U.S., but in North Carolina.”

The Results

GreenTech’s LED lighting upgraded resulted in significant energy and cost savings. It also helped increase productivity and allowed employees to better inspect the final product.

The summary of benefits was the following:

  • 48% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 3.1 year payback period
  • 70% savings in operational costs
  • 71,517 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 46% savings in energy incentives

GreenTech helped Eagle USA secure more than $17,000 in energy incentives to help fund the project and reduce the payback period to 3.1 years. Not only did the LED retrofit bring about a 48% reduction in lighting energy usage, it also resulted in an impressive 70% savings in operational costs. Due to the long life and improved quality of LED lighting, there are significant gains in productivity and reductions in maintenance costs in addition to the energy savings.

The LED lighting retrofit also resulted in a 71,517 kWh reduction in annual energy use, which is the equivalent of planting 41 acres of forest or reducing the consumption of gasoline by 5,680 gallons. Eagle USA is fast becoming the model for other businesses wishing to support American workers and the environment.

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