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GreenTech Solutions Group was founded in 2009, designed as a full-service consulting firm to deliver proven energy-efficiency solutions that reduce clients’ consumption, help protect our environment, conserve resources, and ultimately generate timely return on investment. We specialize in cutting-edge energy-efficient lighting, alternative energy production, mechanical efficiency, energy management, water conservation, electric vehicles, and more, planning and implementing projects for businesses of all sizes in every industry nationwide.

At GreenTech, our team is composed of dedicated industry experts, each bringing extensive backgrounds and unique perspectives to every project. Our process has been designed to offer turnkey project delivery for each of our clients. We apply our experience and knowledge to assess and analyze our clients’ current situations thoroughly, identify cost-effective strategies for improving efficiency, develop a detailed plan, and oversee the implementation of our plan for optimal results.

Because we handle every aspect of our projects from assessment and design through installation and completion, we are a single point of contact for our clients throughout the process. We focus on providing excellent service and building strong relationships with the businesses we serve to become an ongoing partner in helping them achieve their long-term sustainability goals.

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The GreenTech Services Formula Our Method for Generating Maximum ROI

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  • Savings

Our Mission at GreenTech Solutions Group

GreenTech is committed to promoting cost-effective and proven solutions through the implementation of innovative green technologies enabling a more efficient work environment for your facility. Ensuring quality work through detailed and personable attention, we empower our clients with the understanding of such technologies to make the best investment decisions.

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GreenTech Solutions Group is an experienced provider of customized energy-efficiency solutions including lighting, mechanical, solar and wind power, energy management, water conservation, alternatively-fueled vehicles, and more to companies nationwide through the use of expert engineering, cutting-edge technology, and experienced contracting services.

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