Parker Marine Enterprises, Inc. experienced a 75% reduction in annual lighting energy usage after a complete lighting system retrofit by GreenTech Solutions Group. Through the additional use of dimming sensors that detect if an area of the facility is occupied, Parker Marine was able reduce its annual operation costs by 78%. A summary of benefits includes the following:

  • 75% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 308,561 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 78% reduction in annual operational costs
  • $42,412 in annual operational cost savings
  • 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 3.5 year payback period
  • 21232 trees saved; 49 acres of trees planted; and 70 fewer cars on the road

Parker Marine of Beaufort, NC is a family-owned business that manufactures exceptional center consoles, bay boats, and sport cabin boats. Parker proudly serves commercial and governmental agencies, manufacturing recreational and high-tech sports boats for use around the world.

Parker Marine wanted to upgrade its 200,000+ square-foot facility to reduce energy consumption, while improving lighting conditions in the working areas. After meeting with a few other groups, they chose GreenTech to improve lighting that ultimately increased productivity and allowed employees to more clearly inspect workmanship and improved the quality of the delivered product. GreenTech also helped them take advantage of all rebates and incentives available to further reduce the cost of the overall project.


GreenTech provided a lighting system that maximized lighting output with high-lumen LED fixtures. Legacy metal halide fixtures in the main manufacturing areas were replaced with efficient Philips highbay LEDs. Other zones identified as either non-critical or low-occupancy areas were accessorized with occupancy sensors. These sensors are programmed to automatically dim to 50 percent lighting after 10 minutes of no movement detection and increase to 100 percent only if motion is detected. Additionally, daylight harvesting sensors were programmed in fixtures in their manufacturing area to allow Parker Marine take full advantage of the existing skylights in that part of the facility. The fixtures now dim at predetermined levels of light based on the amount of ambient sunlight coming into the building. This not only maximizes light output in given areas, but reduces the amount of energy consumed and further prolongs the life of the existing fixtures.

“Mr. Parker (CEO of Parker Marine) was very forward-thinking in incorporating control options in key areas of the facility to maximize additional energy savings. His enthusiasm and commitment to his company and their employees is second to none,” said GreenTech Solutions Group CEO Glenn Edmonds.

Outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures in all other areas, such as office spaces, restrooms, and common areas throughout the facility, were upgraded to LED lighting that delivered better, brighter, more efficient spaces, while reducing the carbon footprint of the company’s operations.

To that end, the lighting retrofit for Parker Marine not only saved the company $42,412 in operation costs yearly, but it delivered a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 21,232 trees or taking 70 cars off the road.

“We truly enjoyed working with Parker Marine to improve the lighting in their facility and save them money for many more years to come,” said Edmonds “We commend the folks at Parker for being an example of environmental stewardship.”

After nearly one year of operation, Parker Marine analyzed their utility statements to recognize a reduction in overall energy usage that exceeds GreenTech’s projected estimates. Much of these savings are credited to the precise use of additional control options utilized in the retrofit. Furthermore, the elimination of constant and costly maintenance associated with the old lighting system provides additional financial benefits for years to come.

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