Originally from Maine, Kraig graduated from Cornell University before attending graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill where he earned a MS degree in Environmental Science and Engineering. After graduating from UNC, he worked as an Environmental consultant for TetraTech, providing technical and research support for water quality protection and watershed management projects at the municipal, state, and federal levels. His responsibilities included the design of water quality monitoring programs, interpreting field and laboratory data, designing environmental models, and developing environmental protection strategies. Kraig later worked at AI Environmental where he traveled nationally and internationally promoting “green” development principles and helping to design and manage environmentally friendly projects, including master planned residential communities, golf courses, and a marina. At AI, Kraig performed a variety of environmental consulting services, including site plan development, engineering design review, construction oversight, and development of environmental management and monitoring plans.

In addition to his role as Partner Relation Manager, Kraig assists in the project management activities and coordination of resources. He works closely with all team members to recognize new potential partners and technologies that could be brought to market through GreenTech’s service channels and assists efforts to generate new business directions that compliments the overall goals of the company.

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