As part of our renewable energy solutions, we at GreenTech specialize in delivering wind and solar power generation equipment which are custom tailored to meet the needs of each unique client. We take pride in our role in the national movement toward distributed energy generation, which means generating energy from many small sources rather than a handful of large sources as with our current power grid. Decentralizing our energy production raises overall efficiency, places less strain on our aging grid, and reduces the possibility of widespread outages in the event of a disaster or emergency situation.

Wind Power Solutions

Advances in materials, electronics, batteries, and other components have enabled wind turbines to become more powerful, more efficient, and most cost effective than ever before. In addition, federal and state policy incentives are creating even more favorable possibilities for return on investment with wind power.

We begin by performing a detailed site assessment, which often includes the installation of wind-speed sensing equipment at identified turbine installation sites. After collecting an adequate amount of wind speed data and factoring a variety of additional information, we help develop an estimated lifetime cost of energy evaluation for various system configurations. From there, the client chooses their preferred course of action, and their installation can begin.

Solar Land Arrays and Rooftop Installations

Similar to wind turbines, solar power collection devices have become more powerful, more efficient, and less expensive in recent years, and financial incentives at the state and federal levels add to their potential for strong return on investment. Solar installations also make a positive marketing statement for your company’s commitment to clean energy and the future of our planet.

At GreenTech Solutions, we specialize in solar collection solutions from smaller rooftop installations to large-scale land arrays, also known as solar farms. Based on each clients’ unique needs, we gather information and perform an assessment of the installation site and energy-production requirements before utilizing our network of solar industry associates to help bring the clients’ vision to reality.

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